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Comments will make a young Nitra vewy vewy happy

pics made for me

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These were pics made for me or pics that have my oc's in it.



I NEED TO KNOW!!!! why is everyone being so quiet these days? come on people! stop being all, 'oh, fav, next, delete delete delete, oh that looks cool, but imma delete it anyways' just stop dude. It's not cool.
I am Colette by NitraBult
I am Colette
I am a simple young girl that is just trying to make it in the world.
I am living with friends, and watching as my life goes from tarnish to hell. I however stick my head up out of the ground.
I dig and claw out of the pitted hole of darkness and depression. I will not let anyone make me fall down that hole again.
I will stand my ground, I will not let you knock me down anymore. The one true man I need in my life is God. He is my father, my spirit. I am a christian.
I however love the beats of rock and roll, no one can take that from me. My art is mine, and no one elses. When I draw, I draw with every once of my emotion.
If you are cruel to me.
You will not make me fall, you will not make me cry. For I will take your cruelty and smash it, turning it into the piles of dust and ruble it is.
If you are kind to me.
I will accept you and show the same kindness, you are my friend, and I shall always protect my friends.
If you hate me.
I don't care, I only wish for your forgiveness, and hope that you live a happy life. I do not wish you pitty, and I do not wish for pitty, hate me if you want, I won't care.
If you Ignore me.
.....if you ignore me.....i'll forget you excist....i'll try some times, maybe a few. I will try and be your friend again....but if you turn away from me...and act as if I do not excist.....then you are no friend of mine. You are simply someone who has broken me, and made me feel like nothing but a shadow. Have fun with the life you have, because for all I know, you don't excist either.
If you are cruel to my friends.
I will tell you what I think of you, and tell you why I think that way. I will not stop until I see peace.

I was broken, I was beaten, I was mistreated, I was called names, hit, spat at, stomped on. BUT NO MORE.
I will not let anyone try and hurt me again.
And if you so much as try, I will tell you, you will only hear these words from my lips. "I forgive you, and wish for you to live a happy life, and I pray that you will one day understand my pain, and learn not to harm others like how you have harmed me" and then, you are not in my life.

I am strong. I will fight, I will stand. I am not in the darkness anymore, I am in the light.

I am Amaya....Lucy...Stown...Motoaki....Klora....Bubu....Cupidlee.....M.Grape...Junker....Nitra.....I am Colette.

A short thing I wrote about myself and how I feel about the people around me. I like to make friends, and I love my friends. I am a nice person, I'm just...protective is all.
My brother as a Mutant Turtle by NitraBult
My brother as a Mutant Turtle
Me and my brother love TMNT and so I decided to draw him as a Mutant Turtle.
He said he FUCKING LOVES IT. I was happy and accepted the compliment.
This is him as a mutant snapping turtle.
Chris was roaming the streets when he saw some weird science guys arguing by a truck with some weird green energy drink in clear cans. Chris watched as the truck drove away, one of the clear cans dropping from the back. He picked it up, thinking it was just a drink, and popped open that cap, drinking the containment. Of course he then mutated into a snapping turtle. This mutagin being very specific. His clothes got torn as he grabbed some from a old donation box, hideing out
in the alleys.
yerp....that's it. no stealin please.

Christmas Card Contest

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 15, 2014, 6:21 PM

So guys, I now have the prizes ideas in mind and hope you guys are okay with them ^^; well, we go.

2014 Christmas Card Contest consist's of some Deviants like yourselves to create a Christmas card.

The Christmas card must have a image and a small message expressing your holiday wishes or love or whatever you think. You can draw any sort of Image for the card, as long as it is being uphelp by DA's rules and is 18 and younger. This contest is not really about the prizes, but so people can make something from the heart to share how they feel and what they wish for this christmas.
The card of corse must be christmas related. The message must be on the card as well, weither it be on a seperate note next to the card, the back side of the card, or even on the image it self.
If you wish not to write the message on the image and only want to upload the cover, then please type your message in the description.

Please guys, I just want to see some happiness around this old cyber world. Some of you may be thinking not much on the holidays, and others might be excited. But this contest is simply to show holiday spirit and to make others happy.

If you wish to win prizes, I shall have them. But the whole point of this journal is to make others happy, and yourself happy. It's something to have fun with and create when you are snuggled up drinking eggnog.
Please don't see this as some random contest, but rather a opportunity to show what you got and that you want people to know how you feel.

I hope to get some contestants soon, and hope to see some newbies as well.

I will take as many people as they so please. Enter now below in the comment section.


3rd place:  70 points and a free pic
2nd place: 120 points And a free pic
1st place: 200 points

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  • Reading: MANGA
  • Watching: Futurama
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  • Drinking: H20


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
How to pay for commissions: Pay with Paypal, my email: ONLY ON PAYPAL you need a paypal account and put your money on there to pay me.

Commissions are: OPEN
Request are: CLOSED
Art-trades are: CLOSED
Collabs are: OPEN

Prices for Commissions are:

Sketch 30 points or $3.00
lineart 45 points or $5.50
flat color 60 points Or $7.00
Shadeed/Highlighted 75 points or $9.50

Single color piece 50 points or $4.00

Dean acting goofy by Belthazor1

DragonBall Z fan stamp by wLadyB91 and you know it!
Piccolo Stamp by Colhan3000 Broly Stamp by Neko-CosmicKitty

Scar Stamp by RogueLottie Scar Face Stamp by DJ88 Sensational Scar by azianwolfdoll
The Lion King FC stamp by LadyMartina

Omg! Guy's i Love in bleach bellow! Fan stamp bleach by HavickTheLion
Kenpachi by oOLadyLuckOo Chad Stamp by Blue-Eyes-Girl Muramasa Stamp by Tihany Toshiro stamp. by Kamishu
Bleach Renji Stamp by erjanks :thumb253401452:

My fav Rise of the Guardians character?, the Boogie-Man!
Pitch <3
Pitch Love Stamp by shadowleigh Stamp: Pitch Dancing by StephDragonness Pitch's fan stamp. by loveAYAMI

I got a new Couple Imma fan of <3
Synlet Stamp by Inner-D

Lolicon Stamp by Twilight-Witch

Scariest Game I ever played......I LOVE IT!!

Five Nights at Freddys Stamp by xXStoneHeartXx
Five Nights at Freddys Stamp by RuthMcGleish Freddy's Got Ya Stamp by RootisTabootus Five Nights at Freddys Stamp 2 by RuthMcGleish Foxy pounces STAMP (Five Nights at Freddy's 2) by NadsDeidre


Which OC to make a Comic about ROUND TWO!! PLEASE VOTE IF YOU HAVE B4!! 

8 deviants said Junker ((My MLP OC))
6 deviants said Nitra ((My main KTC Oc))
No deviants said Lucy ((My Creepy Pasta Oc))
No deviants said Nectar and Hikujaki ((My young girl OC and her Guardian OC))


:iconlustfulpower: :iconocean-blue-school: :iconkamitoriyama-college: :iconthe-cupid-clan: :icon7-deadly-sins-guild:


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