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Comments will make a young Nitra vewy vewy happy

pics made for me

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These were pics made for me or pics that have my oc's in it.



Awesome person did an amazing job coloring my line art!!! ^^
Freddy and Friends by Kat-Alice
Freddy and Friends
"What a f***ing joke" ~Freddy: Five Nights at F***boys

THIS. TOOK. FOREVER. I started this a few days before my internet broke. Its fixed now. But the coloring and shading was a big pain in the behind.

Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie have the original Bonnie and Chica coloring because i wanted to add a little fnaf 1 twist to it. Toy Freddy is the only Toy Animatronic that has its original toy colors.

: :iconkat-alice:

Lineart: :iconnitrabult:

Background: :iconshadowwhisper446:

Foxy, Toy Chica, Toy Freddy, and Toy Bonnie: Scott Cawthon
Zoa Watches Junker Cry by NitraBult
Zoa Watches Junker Cry
You may have to zoom in in order to see it a bit better.
I remember drawing this and listening to Sia's "Elastic Heart."
I sketched this a while ago and decided to post it.....- _- for those who think this pertains to real life, you're idiots.
For those who actually read my Junker stuff and know her back story, CONGRATS! you understand this.
*sigh* but if you don't, i'll explain.
Junker has a bad relationship with her father, and after realizing all the evil she's done, she decided to be good.
Zoa and her still battle however, and one day, she wasn't herself.
Junker had been roaming on the day of her mothers death, and had been depressed, Zoa see's her walking and notices she was in a part of ponyvill she was not aloud to be in. He was shocked to see her in a t-shirt and jeans. Because Junker was always the one to wear elegant dresses and uniforms. He went to stop her, however she pulled away.
Amazement and Shock spreaded across Zoa's face when he saw tears in Junker's eyes, urging her to tell him what's wrong. She broke and fell to the ground, asking why her father did the things he did, why was she his blood. Zoa couldn't do anything but stare, until he finally decided to reach to his mortal enemy, and hold her, letting her cry a cry that needed to be released since the day her mother died.
Junker (c) NitraBult
Zoa (c) :iconzoarenso:
please don't repost or steal.
Just submitted my picture of Jasper and Lapis, and right after I post it, Steven Universe turns on the T.V. lololol

Came back, been a while, got tagged.....fuck

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 8, 2015, 7:52 PM

Tagged by: :iconderangeddenny:

1. You must post these rules 

2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves

3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for 10 you tag

4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal

5. Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you 

6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"

7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people 

8. No tag-backs

9. You can't say that you don't do tags 

10. You MUST make a journal entry 

Ten facts about me

1. i love to draw
2. I enjoy singing every now and then
3. I acomplished the ever so hard task of burning water.
4. i have a weakness for men with thick german and russian accents
5. i like to pair all straight yaoi and yuri pairings
6. I love J. Micheal Tatums talents of voice acting (fuck yeah I do)
7. I love marvel and dc
8. I am a horror icon fangirl
9. I respect creepypasta but am not a big of a fan as you would think
10. I never dated an asian guy


1. What are you like when you're angry?

Well, I'm either quiet and keep to myself, not talking to anyone and ignoreing all other human being's excistance. Or I'm screaming and wanting to rip off every head of every person who ever done me or my friends wrong.
2. Is there anything you'd just shout at a random time for no reason? If so, what?
Cuse words, if i'm really pissed off or want to express my feelings aobut something clear enough....mainly FUCK and SHIT
3. What calms you down when you're angry?
Beign alone for a short amount of time, watching show's that make me happy, listening to rain, sitting by my window in bed watching the rain.
4. Who's your favorite homestuck character and why? (Only pick one)
I don't really read it, but of the people I know, my favorite is Gamzee. Why? cause he get's high and likes pie. Which I like to baby ;)
5. If you were a clown, what would your name be?
Cilata Snipes
6. What is your earliest memory?
I actually can't recall. I think the best thing I can think of is being outside while the sun is out, and it just got done raining. I was wearing a dress and jacket and black shoes, walking up to a swing set and looking up at the beautiful blue and pink sky
7. What's something you want to tell/ask your parents, but are afraid to? (Gonna leave this question)
.....something positive
8. What would you do if you suddenly got stranded on a desert island with your favorite OC? What would yours and their reactions be? How would you get along?
ooooh, but all of my oc's are my favorites. I'm gonna Say Motoaki, because I dont' get to use him as much. Motoaki wouldn't really freak cause he's a mellow kinda guy....I'd freak out of corse. Motoaki would actually relax me....if you know what i mean ;)
9. Let me tell you about homestuck.
even though you do all the time.
10. What occupation did you want as a kid and why?
To be a famous artist!! cause I love to draw ^^

My Ten Questions for you:

1. Who is your ideal dream lover?

2. What do you find to be the sexiest feature in a lover?

3. is your ideal lover man or woman, or both?

4. Do you have a specific idea of a lover? and if so, what does he look like?

5. Have you ever had a fasination of getting with a certain animation character that resembles this dream lover?

6. Who is this lover, and what is it that draw's you close to them?

7. What is your ideal valentines day gift that you would give them or that they would give you?

8. do you ever draw yourself with a sexy anime character that resembles your ideal lover?

9. do you ship a certain couple? and if so who?

10. do you like teddy bears?

Who I tagged:


  • Listening to: POTF
  • Reading: MANGA
  • Watching: Futurama
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: H20


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United States
How to pay for commissions: Pay with Paypal, my email: ONLY ON PAYPAL you need a paypal account and put your money on there to pay me.

Commissions are: OPEN
Request are: CLOSED
Art-trades are: CLOSED
Collabs are: OPEN

Prices for Commissions are:

Sketch 30 points or $3.00
lineart 45 points or $5.50
flat color 60 points Or $7.00
Shadeed/Highlighted 75 points or $9.50

Single color piece 50 points or $4.00

Dean acting goofy by Belthazor1

DragonBall Z fan stamp by wLadyB91 and you know it!
Piccolo Stamp by Colhan3000 Broly Stamp by Neko-CosmicKitty

Scar Stamp by RogueLottie Scar Face Stamp by DJ88 Sensational Scar by azianwolfdoll
The Lion King FC stamp by LadyMartina

Omg! Guy's i Love in bleach bellow! Fan stamp bleach by HavickTheLion
Kenpachi by oOLadyLuckOo Chad Stamp by Blue-Eyes-Girl Muramasa Stamp by Tihany Toshiro stamp. by Kamishu
Bleach Renji Stamp by erjanks :thumb253401452:

My fav Rise of the Guardians character?, the Boogie-Man!
Pitch <3
Pitch Love Stamp by shadowleigh Stamp: Pitch Dancing by StephDragonness Pitch's fan stamp. by PapyJake

I got a new Couple Imma fan of <3
Synlet Stamp by Inner-D

Lolicon Stamp by Twilight-Witch

Scariest Game I ever played......I LOVE IT!!

Five Nights at Freddys Stamp by xXStoneHeartXx
Freddy's Got Ya Stamp by RootisTabootus Foxy pounces STAMP (Five Nights at Freddy's 2) by NadsDeidre


Which OC to make a Comic about ROUND TWO!! PLEASE VOTE IF YOU HAVE B4!! 

9 deviants said Junker ((My MLP OC))
6 deviants said Nitra ((My main KTC Oc))
No deviants said Lucy ((My Creepy Pasta Oc))
No deviants said Nectar and Hikujaki ((My young girl OC and her Guardian OC))


:iconocean-blue-school: :iconthe-cupid-clan: :iconlustfulpower:


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